Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thanks Lynda...

Hello Blog Friends,

Do you ever put your whole heart into something and think it's gonna work out so great only to find out ...not so much. Well...I hate to be a downer but this has sort of been one of those weeks. I've had several "possibilities" come my way recently and none of them seem to be amounting to anything. When will I learn to not get my hopes up on possibilities? There have been countless good things that have happened and that is where I need to put my focus. But anyway, tonight I thought I would check out my blog to see if anybody was out there and Lynda had left the sweetest comment. She probably had no idea what it meant to me at that particular they say, timing is everything. This week I had tried to jury into a gallery that I really like and was turned away because they are going with a more contemporary look. They had such nice things to say about my paintings and style but the "no" was all I seem to remember. So Lynda...thanks so much for the sweet comments. I'm sure the fog will clear soon and I will be able to see clearly the direction I need to take. Until then I need to stop feeling sorry for myself!

Blah...Blah...Blah, sorry to put a downer on the evening...

Talk to you soon,



  1. Good Morning Meagan, You need thick skin in this business. I applaud you for getting out there and trying! It's more than I have done. You have lots of positive energy that I like to be around and so do others.
    You can't win unless you play the game!
    See you tomorrow. Love, Joan

  2. Dear Meagan,
    I came back to check if you had any new paintings posted and what to my wandering eyes doth appear, a blog dedication. I think my family needs to do all my chores today in light of this prestigious honor. Thank you for sharing your appreciation. It just goes to show that the little things matter. It's also good to share with your friends that life isn't all haha hoho. There are times when we just need to lean on each other. Sometimes it's the only way back to God's lap.
    Remember- Michael Jordan didn't make his high school basketball team.
    Talk to you again.

  3. well Meagan...what I was going to say has already been expressed by your other friends, but I'll echo it anyway. You do need to grow rhino-skin when your art becomes a's hard not to let it get you down, we've all been there over and over again...we all have those days, weeks, months...!
    But don't let this kind of thing get in your way; you have a gift to share, keep following your heart!