Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Last night was Senior Parents night at the High School.  Deep breath...yes...our oldest son is a senior.  I am still not sure how we got to this point in life where our first born is soon to leave the nest.  I will admit...I'm excited, proud, terrified, and not quite ready to let go.

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing your child grow and mature into their own unique person.  I am amazed at what he has accomplished and look so forward to seeing all that is in store for him. 

So I'm taking a lot of pictures these I will remember...because those snapshots...the ones when he was napping in his crib and his ten perfect toes were peeking out from under him, and the one when he got his first tricycle and bloodied his knee in the first five minutes, and the one of him cutting a trail down the mountain on his snowboard...yes, those snapshots...will never be forgotten and always be treasured.

This is why those photo albums where we store our snapshots are so wonderful...they help us to see what a gift life has given us.  They help us to remember how good life has been even though there are days on the news when things don't seem too hopeful...we still have the snapshots of the stages in life that have passed but  are captured and fill us full.  Full of joy and comfort.  

So I let out that kite string a little bit more...and smile as I watch him fly!  Capturing this moment with another snapshot.