Sunday, September 19, 2010


 ( Newest painting -" Lady's Mantle")

Hello Bloggers!

If by any chance you are someone who visits my blog on a somewhat regular apologies to you! For some reason it seems that a virus has struck me down.  I think it's call "short on words".  Have you heard of it?  It's a terrible virus that causes you to think that you have nothing of interest to talk about!  Along with this virus, here are a few other excuses for my absence...Studio Tour...started a new job...two boys in high    school...filling card orders...painting...creating...but not blogging!  I guess we all have those times when the days pass by too quickly and there seems to be endless amounts of things to accomplish. I have checked in on other blogs and find it so fun to see what all of you are doing! None of the other bloggers have the same virus that I have!

To let you in on the "uninteresting" things I have to talk is what I am getting ready for:

The First Friday's Art Walk this October 1st.  I will be showing my work with two other great artists at the Fairbank Construction Office building from 6-8pm.  This will be a great event to attend and it coincides with the Bainbridge Island Wine Weekend (another fabulous reason to visit the island!).  The two other artists that will be joining me are Ron Crabb and Jenean Cameron.  Thank you so much to the Fairbanks who invited us to be a part of this event!

One thing I have not previously done but am seriously contemplating is teaching a class at our wonderful local art store called Oil & Water.  This should be a fun workshop and I will keep you posted on information for the class if it happens. 

And...Last but not least...the Winter Studio Tour.  This is such a great event and a wonderful place to buy loved ones unique Holiday gifts. 

It's great to be back in the blogdom...Hope you are all doing well and hopefully none of you catch my virus!