Friday, April 8, 2011


A couple of years ago my friend Cherie came to visit and while she was here we had a really fun day shopping.  I was watching my pennies and we kept finding free stuff...all the more fun!!!  We went to this really great Fabric Store called Esther's Fabrics and noticed that outside the store there was a bench piled high with these great books of fabric samples.  Next to them was a sign that said "Free...Please Take".   We went in the store and I asked the owner if it was true...were the fabric sample books free for the taking.  She said "yes" to which I said "you're kidding!" and with a VERY serious face she bent over and looked me straight in the eye and said..."I never kid about free fabric".  So there you go!  She wasn't kidding and we didn't mess around, we loaded up our arms and came home with loads of free fabric samples that were amazing! 

I found that these swatches of fabrics were the perfect size for making YO-YO's.  When my friend Cherie went back home she found these cool gadgets for making YO-YO's and sent them to me.  So I have been makin YO-YO's for a few years now.  One of my first blog posts I showed this cute curtain that I made from YO-YO's and now I came up with this:

I think it's going to be a pillow...definitely just a decorative one.  I had some Felted Wool and combined them and then sewed the patches together.  I love the way the top came out and am excited to finish it up. 

Have a great weekend!