Monday, May 18, 2009


This is my new curtain in my Laundry Room with a yo- yo border.

This is the color I painted my Laundry Room "Grass Cloth" along with some of the fabric samples that I made yo-yo's from.

Cool yo-yo maker tool by Clover. This makes yo-yo's so easy!

This curtain was a recent project that was so much fun. I found this awesome fabric at a local fabric store that had to be made into a curtain for my laundry room. It had this great green color in it that became my inspiration color for the walls. I was planning on putting some cute pom-poms on the bottom of the curtain until... one day when my friend Cherie came to visit from Illinois and we went shopping. We had so much fun finding cute things for her to take home with her and then finally I decided to take her to the cool fabric store where I got the fabric. As we walked up to the store there was a bench right outside piled high with fabric sample books and a sign that said "free for the taking". We asked the shop owner if they really were free and she said "I never kid about free fabric!" Well OK... so off Cherie and I went with, I'm not kidding you, about 10 books of fabric samples. We were laughing the whole way home. That night we sat at the dining room table ripping the books apart and dividing up our favorite fabrics. One of the books had all of this great green stuff, all coordinating of course, that went great with my curtain fabric. I wasn't sure how to tie it all together until my friend Cherie mailed me these great yo-yo makers. The fabric in the sample books was just the right size for yo-yo's. And before you knew it my pom-pom border became a yo-yo border. I like it even was free! I figure if you have to do laundry you might as well enjoy your surroundings while your doing it! Right?!?


  1. I love the curtain, Meg. That is the CUTEST fabric!! The yo yos are definitely the perfect finishing touch.

  2. What a clever and fun use of pom poms. And what a score on that free fabric! Whoo hoo! I'd be laughing all the way home, gitty with excitement, too!

  3. Oh dear, I said pom poms. Obviously it's time for bed. I was thinking yo yo's it just didn't translate to my fingers typing.