Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Day of School...

Hi everyone!
So like most areas of the country, this week marks the first week back to school. Our schools started up on Wednesday. We have a tradition, like most families, to take the back to school pictures just before they leave for their first day of school. It's so much fun to look back through the years and see how much they have grown. The only problem is...I know that we have taken the pictures but I can't seem to find them. My organizational skills at their best! I know for sure I have this years!!

Last night was a beautiful night. Hubby and I went out for a walk and picked blackberries and then stopped at this dock to soak in the sunset. I got some great pictures of boats and the suns reflection on the water. It was such a peaceful setting and I just kept thinking about the craziness of life and how we just have to slow down and take these moments in and relax. God's creation never ceases to amaze me. It puts everything into perspective for me. I'm just one small little person that He created and yet look at the mountains and the oceans, they are so massive, and yet He still cared enough to create me and you. It gets me every time. It makes me feel pretty blessed.

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