Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall paintings

Hi Bloggers,

I've been busy painting again and wanted to share some of the images that I have created. So for the next few posts I will show you my new work. Hope you are enjoying the first signs of fall. It is always exciting to me to see it. The other day I was getting out of my car and I looked down to the street before I stepped out and there, sitting on the pavement, was a beautiful bright red maple leaf! I'm pretty sure it was there just for me because it put a huge smile on my face.
This new painting is called Autumn Rest. I am really enjoying painting with the fall pallet and the warmth I get from these colors. Makes me want to read a good book and drink some hot cider. Hope you enjoy it.
Talk soon,

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  1. These are sooooo beautiful!!! My very favorite, cuz I love fall so much and you know how to capture that feeling, the crispness in the air, with your mind and your brush. you are amazingly talented my dear sister! I love you and had a great time with you! Thanks for hosting! Love me!