Tuesday, September 22, 2009


(Holly and I on our Alaska cruise)

Today is a very special day. 
Not only is it the first day of Fall but it also is the day that the good Lord brought my dear SIL (Sister in Law..we say Sister in Love) Holly to the earth to bless us all.  Happy Birthday Holly!!!  I can't think of a better day than today for Holly's birthday to be on because she loves Fall more than almost anyone I know.  You should see her love of decorating and how good she is at it.  She also grows amazing pumpkins and puts them all around their house.  It is so festive.  For the last several years they have hosted a pumpking carving contest at their house for the family.  The gloves come off and it is real serious pumpkin carving.  I love ya Holly and hope that today was a lot of fun for you.

(The beginnings of Holly's amazing pumpkins)

(Such a beautiful view from Holly's house)

Happy Birthday!
Your SIL,



  1. Aren't you just the sweetest thing?!!!!!! How special to be honored with a posting on your blog! I love my beautiful, original, shed inspired painting...thank you so much! And wow, did you make my view look amazing! I didn't know it looked like that...what a great photo!!! I love you, my sweet sister!!!

  2. Love it that Holly's birthday is the beginning of Autumn. She really is Queen Autumn! Can you believe all the things she grows, makes and creates? Amazing! Amazing lady!