Monday, October 11, 2010


We went to a farmers market this summer and I snapped a few shots of the produce.  The colors are so amazing!  Makes me want to grow vegetables!  I've tried...they don't look like these...but my Sister In Law ( better known as SIL) has the gardening thing so figured out.  Check this out...

 This is only a little glimpse of her garden...her veggies would look just like the ones above.  Maybe better, yes, a lot better.  She is busy during the harvest...lots to freeze, can and pickle.  I wouldn't be so busy...none to freeze, can or pickle!  Oh...I'm not feeling sorry for, not at all.  I'm just amazed at the folks that have the ability to grow such wonderful produce. What's really amazing are the farmers that farm acres and acres of produce...the ones that feed the world.  My sister is married to one of those, a wheat farmer.  A very good one.  And my other sister doesn't have acres and acres, but you should see her containers.  She would make Sisco Morris proud!  (famous Northwest gardener, if your not from here!) More people to be amazed by...  So to all of you good crop growing types...why is it that my lambs ears have holes in them and my lace leaf maple lost all of it's leaves already and my toffee colored ornamental grass has woolly aphids in it?      There is one thing that I do seem to grow well these days...

Yep...spider webs...I'm real good at that!

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  1. But look what's blooming underneath!!! You, too, are an amazing gardner!!
    Just think...because you don't have a garden you can sit back and enjoy this lovely season instead of taking every nice, sunny day and RiPpiNg everything out of said garden. It takes forever, I'm tired of it, and I just want to look at pretty dirt now!!

    Love you!