Sunday, October 3, 2010


 ( newest image - "Indian Corn")

Friday night was so wonderful...Fairbank Construction was a PERFECT venue for an Art Walk!  The weather was magical along with the sounds of the Salsa band billowing up from the harbor.  My ears were tingling listening to the laughter of the people enjoying a simply fabulous evening.  The white twinkling lights outside the building gave such a feeling of wonder. The passers by could look in and see art lovers mingling while enjoying their goodies and wine and couldn't help but join in.  There must have been 200-300 people who stopped in to visit and look.  It was a delightful evening!


  1. Your new paintings are so beautiful!!! Love them and love you!!


  2. so glad it was a nice night, sorry I missed it! And your new paintings are beautiful! Welcome back, glad you're over your little ... virus! (but being busy is good, totally understandable!)