Tuesday, October 19, 2010


 ("Pumpkin Patch")

OOOHHHH...I can feel it in the air...  Fall has hit hard.  The leaves are just about peaked with their brilliant color and the air is so cold in the morning and night.  Flannel, fleece and wool blankets.  I love my wool blanket...it's so old and soft and cozy.  It's a really old one that I found in an antique store (but I don't think it's an antique...it's just older than me!).  It's kind of a mint green color with a beautiful floral design in the middle and in the corners.

  (my blankie)

It's different from other wool blankets that I've seen.  My wool blanket is part of a morning routine that I have become quite fond of...Hubby usually gets up first and goes into the kitchen where he then pours he and I a cup of coffee and then brings it back to bed where we sit under the favorite wool blanket and drink our coffee and wake up slowly.  It's nice...I actually love it and love him for catering to me and treating me like a princess.  I'm really not a princess but like to pretend that I'm one when waking up!  Maybe it's this morning routine that makes me so excited to go to sleep at night!  Or maybe I am just entering the hibernation mode that I go into every year when it gets dark so early.

Aside from talking about blankets, I hope you enjoy the painting above...it's one of the new fall images that I painted for my line of cards I did this fall.  Enjoy the cool weather and the wool blankets!


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