Monday, October 25, 2010


Sometimes...many times...I find myself full of anxiety and grabbing for the air my chest needs to settle down...I catch myself looking too far in the future and not focusing on the day.  Today is a gift.  A day to enjoy.  Remembering that helps me to calm myself and keep from fearing the future.  We never know what the future will bring and I realize...and it takes a long time to get to that point...that all the worry and anxiety my mind has to offer me will not change a thing other than the way I choose to enjoy the gift that I have been given today.

Turning on the morning news does not seems to feed the uncertainty I feel.  I think they want us to feel that way and I am not sure what the benefit of that might be.  There are so many good things to focus on.  Slowing down...looking at the little things...captions and not headlines.  There is so much beauty in the day to day...

sometimes going away...away from technology...from phones...from noise...helps me to remember the beauty in the everyday... I remember where the water I brush my teeth with comes from...

and just who created the life that we live...there is a bigger big to see...but definitely worth trusting in...

I hope you are all enjoying the gift you have been given today.

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  1. Thanks for your lovely thoughts. You've changed my day!