Thursday, June 3, 2010


Another adventure awaited our old trusty van last weekend.  We went for a little camping trip out to the Washington Coast where believe it or not people actually drive their cars on the beach!  Why you ask?  Well...I asked the same question...over and over again...and the only answer I was able to come up with is...BECAUSE YOU CAN!

We had a great time camping and had surprisingly great weather on Saturday...but it was Sunday we looked forward to because all the weather forecasts were for great weather on Sunday!  So we thought we really lucked out on Saturday to be able to have 2 great days of weather.  So we got in our tents very late on Saturday night and just started to fall asleep when I heard this strange..OK...not strange, actually very familiar...sound on the tent.  My gosh it was rain.  A little became a lot and quite steady I might add...all night long and all the next day.  Well we aren't dumb!  We know when enough is enough so by the time we got everything packed up and ready to head back home we had been there almost 24 hours to the minute!  Way to pack in a full 24 hours! 

We do have a special tradition we do with's called MOUNTAIN MAN BREAKFAST!
It is an artery clogging delight that you make in a dutch oven with charcoal briquet's.

(Heat oven, cook bacon, onion and green pepper)

(Add hash browns and heat for about 20 minutes then add about a dozen eggs (whisked together) and pour over hash brown mixture.  Cook until the eggs are set, cover with cheese and cook til melted.)

(Dish up and enjoy!  Trying to not get too wet in the rain!!!)

This is not an exact science but it is a lot of lesson will be on pudgy pies!

Take Care


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  2. Oh the joys of camping in the Pacific Northwest! Actually that looks glorious to me as I'm WAY overdue for time out at the coast, soggy or dry, I don't care (but then I don't usually tent-camp out there)!
    I can't wait to hear about pudgy pies ... sounds good to me!

  3. Did you meet any raccoons on your trip? ;)
    Well, that mountain man breakfast looked delicious. Try making pineapple upside down cake next time, we did that one for Door County last year.
    I miss you!

  4. I will have to try that Mountain Man Breakfast when we go camping! Great idea.

  5. Love, love, love the beach . . . it is one of my favorite places . . . ever!! :) liz