Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Today was a day that I will be glad to set I have never considered myself to be a real girly girl and at the same time I am not a tom boy...I am somewhere in the middle.  Not afraid to break a nail or get my hands dirty but also get excited over a new tube of lipstick.  I'm guessing many of you women are the same way.  But one thing that I am noticing is that I am getting a little weird about spiders and rodents.  They provoke a scream from within me that I never expect.  Today that scream came out...LOUD! 

We have a little mouse problem at work.  The other day, around 11:00am, a customer was coming into the store where I work and encountered a mouse sitting in our doorway.  The mouse scurried INTO the store and we haven't seen it since...until today during my lunch break.  I had just sat down to eat lunch and heard a scratching sound under the table in the break room.  I looked at the mouse hotel that was waiting to catch its prey and realized the scratching was coming from inside the "humane trap".  I...being so courageous...went and got my manager to look at it.  (My manager used to be in the Marines...OK...this makes me feel better about being a mouse wimp)  My manager picks up the trap and tells me there is nothing in it when just at that moment...out it comes...that scream I was telling you about and the mouse! 

As if it wasn't enough getting over that mouse encounter I soon ran into a RAT.  He was about 6'2" tall with gray hair and had a very bad attitude.  It was actually more difficult dealing with this RAT of a human than it was the mouse in the break room.  I don't need to go on any more about the RAT other than not understanding why it is that some people can wait until the very last minute to do something that they should have had done a LONG time ago and expect it to become your EMERGENCY!!!  UGH!!!  That's just life I guess.

You would think that this would be the last of the rodent episode...but no...tonight at dinner we were going to BBQ some burgers.  Now it has not been that long since we have used the BBQ but apparently it has been long enough because when my son went out to light the BBQ he was surprised by a MOUSE living in the BBQ!  What has this world come to today?  Where are all the rodents coming from?  All I have to say is RATS!


  1. Hahaha! This post made me laugh. I am exactly the same: somewhere between girly and tomboy. I, too, had an experience with a mouse that made me jump on a table and scream like that woman in the old Tom & Jerry cartoons! I didn't know where the scream came from. I mean, I used to be a Veterinary technician for goodness sake! You had quite a rodent themed day.

  2. This is so funny and it was a great post to read after a long day!! :) . . . but then again. . . I would have totally freaked out in the same situation . . . as I am definitely not a rodent person . . . I can handle all sorts of things - but this is not one of them . . . :)