Sunday, June 27, 2010


This Saturday was the 50th annual Rotary Auction on Bainbridge Island.  They hold it at a local school and allow the public to drop off donations throughout the week.  You cannot believe the sheer sea of STUFF that they receive and sell.  They have this down like a well oiled machine.  There are thousands of people waiting at the gate to be let in at 8:00 am when they RUN to the areas of interest.  The night before they sell a preview ticket for $1 so you can figure out your plan of attack.  At 7:55 am they raised the flag on the flag pole and a very talented singer sang the national anthem.  Seemed kind of funny for some reason.  
The family went to the preview together the night before and spotted several items we thought would be good purchases.  We took a pad of paper and wrote it all down...very organized, don't you think!  The next morning I felt a little uneasy about my plan of attack when I saw hundreds of people in line ahead of me.  After the national anthem and the running...sort of...I got to my area of interest.  The one thing I really wanted had already been snagged by someone much faster and earlier than me.  What a bummer...I am still regretting not getting there sooner.  If you were the one who got that awesome tablecloth with pictures of the garden tools on it...we need to talk! 

I did however get all of the other things on my list...makes me question how good my taste is!  Anyway, if you have been reading my blog for awhile and happened to read this you would know how much I love the color of turquoise.  Happy I was to get a few more turquoise colored bottles.  Hubby helped me to hang these cute shelves that my SIL Holly was sweet enough to give me and now I have a great place to display my TURQUOISE!!!  Thank you Hubby...Thank you Holly!!!

It's a start...I'm actually not a huge collector of anything...but there is just something about this color that calls to me.  The other thing that I saw at the auction that I thought was cute was this enamelware pot that I thought would be cute with flowers in it...

After such a successful time at the auction I thought we should sit in the sun and celebrate with a little refreshment...

Here's to good deals!  Wish you could join us.


  1. Love the turquoise glass Meagan!
    I controlled myself at Rotary...didn't donate as much as I would have liked, but at least I didn't buy a lot. It was fun.
    See you soon...xo, Joan

  2. I love turquoise bottles of that sort as well! I have one in the header photo of my blog. The sale sounds like fun!

  3. So nice to see your displays!!! I love the pot!!! It's actually a chamber pot (hope you cleaned it well!) Maybe a little fertilizer came with it!!! I have a couple of these too, but not in the cool color that you have!

    The shelves are adorable...much better in your house than mine!!

    Love you!