Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Restored order.

Last night was a sleepless night. I got up early with Hubby to catch the ferry to Seattle for a shopping trip. It was all about getting ready for the Studio Tour. We went to a store that sells display goods and one that sells paper goods and one that sells packaging etc...etc...etc. Tonight Hubby and the family helped to set up the booth (tent) for the studio tour. Feeling so much better about things. Feels so great to have a plan. Does anyone else do that thing where when there is so much to do you do nothing because you can't think straight? Man...I'm the worst about that! May explain why I couldn't sleep last night. But now all the planets have aligned and there is restored order in my life. I HAVE A PLAN!!! This is very good. Almost as good as chocolate. Which has been missing from my diet today...hum...need to fix that. Maybe tomorrow, I'm tired.

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