Saturday, July 18, 2009

The creative process...

Hello Blogger friends,
I have been painting from the series of pictures I took in Eastern Washington and thought that you may be interested in my creative process. You know that I work from photos I have taken throughout Washington State and some from Illinois where we lived for several years.

I then take a new canvas and paint it completely black with black Gesso.

On tracing paper I draw out the size of my canvas so that I will have the right size image for the next step.

Then I take a copy of my photo and use my enlarger to transfer the image onto the tracing paper making sure it stays withing the boundaries of my canvas size.

After the image is drawn onto the tracing paper I use a white transfer paper called Saral and put it under the image I just copied and on top of the canvas and then retrace it leaving a white outline of the image. Then it's time to paint!

I love painting on black. The color just explodes off the canvas and allows me to create a depth and texture that I can't seem to achieve on a white background.

Hope you enjoy the new painting!
Oh! By the way, today will be a really fun event on Bainbridge Island. My Sister In Law (SIL) Holly, is coming down to go with me to Seabold Vintage Market. It should be tons of fun. I guess they only do it once a year. There are several vendors that Liz from Seabold Vintage Market has put together for a show. It starts at 2:00 this afternoon. So if your in the area you should check it out.
Thanks for stopping by! Hope your weekend is great.