Thursday, June 11, 2009



So I must ask...What is your favorite berry? Strawberry, so red and juicy...Raspberry, sweet and tender...Blackberry, all hot and bubbly in a cobbler or Blueberry with it's frosted blue skin. I love them all. Funny, I like fresh strawberries and raspberries in jam but it's just the opposite for my hubby. How about you? Let me know on the berry pole...which is your favorite. I am painting a new series of berry paintings and the winner from the pole will be shown on the blog. Can't wait to hear what you think...share the post with your friends and let's find out which berry tops the charts with our very unofficial pole. Hope your day is fantastic!


  1. I love berries! We used to grow stawberries and rasperries, but the sheep ate them all down to nothing. So now, I just eat the wild blackberries around the neighborhood- at the end of summer.

  2. My sister and I used to pick blackberries all the time until one day a garter (sp?) snake slid around her ankel!

  3. Helloooooooooo!!
    Just wanted to pop across and say welcome to Blogland :o)
    I Love berries too, my fav is sun-warmed strawberries plucked fresh off the plant and popped straight in the mouth mmmmmmmmmmmm!

    You and I share that love of turquoise sea-glass colour, i too am obsessed with it, strange aren't we???!!


  4. Nothing is better than strawberry season in Lynden. It starts this week! Yay! I have a Berry label on my blog.
    Raspberry season is good too- our county grows 1/3 of the world's raspberries. So good right off the bush or with ice cream or Fresh Raspberry Pie.
    Love to u-pick blueberries for muffins, make strawberry and raspberry freezer jams and blackberries in my Mom's pies.
    Are you sorry you asked? ;)

  5. Trying again! If Tami can post a comment so can I!!! Thanks for your comments and You know I LOVE every painting you do!! Rooting for strawberries here!! That's whats in season now, so that's my fav!!! Ask me again in a few weeks and it will be raspberries!! Love you!

  6. Hey, Meg I voted for blackberries in your poll, since they are my FAVORITE to eat, but I must say I LOVE your photo of the raspberries on the bush!!!....I'll make a blackberry cake or your visit next week :-)