Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Beautiful Evening...

Last night hubby, youngest son and I went for a walking adventure. We walked way down the beach until we got to this dock that we could always see when we went over this bridge.

On the way back we walked along the road instead of the beach (because the tide was rapidly coming in!) and came across this little community pickleball court. Hubby grew up playing's kind of like ping pong on a tennis court with tennis rules...sort of. Anyway, we played a few games of pickleball and I was the looser but had so much fun.

Then we went off to have some ice-cream. While eating the ice-cream we drove around some beautiful neighborhoods and came across this great house that had hung their laundry out to dry. I never thought that laundry could be cute...laundry rooms can definitely be cute, but laundry? This laundry was SO CUTE! Makes me want a laundry line...not allowed in my neighborhood...too bad because I could maybe have cute laundry. Hope you are all having a great weekend.


  1. love the laundry line as well - it is wonderful!! . . . I can see why you are an artist!!! - liz / seabold vintage market

  2. Laundry is cute, except for the undies!!! I think you should protest the no line rule-get your neighbors together and go for the fresh air life! Nothing like fresh dryed sheets on your bed to give you a good night's sleep!
    Love ya siser dear!

  3. That really is lovely laundry. Such nice colors to go along with the houses behind them.