Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So after a week of intense voting, we have a winner. The winner of our "What's your favorite berry pole is...


Yes, Raspberry took the lead with a whopping 8 votes! And now for second place. It was very close, we almost had a tie, but with 4 votes our second place winner is....


Congratulations Strawberry on being the official second place favorite berry. Squeaking in at third place is...


And last but not least (please don't feel blue), the main ingredient in my favorite salad, the very lovely...


So these paintings are my latest. The colors are coming across a little intense compared to the originals. I am working on getting my product line together for the Bainbridge Island Studio Tour that I will be participating in this summer, August 7-9. I am planning on making sets of cards to go along with prints and the originals. Being that I have never done this before it's a little tricky figuring out how much product I should have on hand. Any advice would be well received and I also would love some feedback on the paintings. I am getting very excited about the Studio Tour. I don't have a studio that is in the tour but I will be set up in a garden area of another artists studio. It will be our (me and hubby) first time attempting something like this. Designing the booth is making our brains spin with ideas. We found a really cool old window that we are going to use to display the artwork inside of the window panes. It has wonderful old peely blue paint on it. Reminds me of the boat picture I painted. As we get closer to putting it together I will share pictures. Remember to vote for your favorite berry painting. I promise we'll move on to another topic soon.

Have a great day!


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  1. My you're up early! I think I have to go with the blackberries on this one as I love, love, love the container! Makes me think of summer days at Grammy's, eating more than picking and those glorious carefree days of youth! All of the paintings are beautiful, but the enamelware does it for me! Love you SILove!