Tuesday, November 30, 2010


( Newest painting for Christmas - "Hoppy Holidays")

In honor of the quirkiness of Frog Rock on Bainbridge Island I painted this new piece and titled it "Hoppy Holidays".  I know...loud groans.  Anyway, it turned out fun and I made it into cards that say "Hoppy Holidays" on them which will be available at the Studio Tour.  So this Friday - Sunday (Dec. 3-5) I will be showing my work at the Fenwick Photography Studio on Ericksen Avenue. 
Hoppy Holidays Everyone!


  1. Me too! The rock never looked so good....

  2. Thanks for the sweet comments Cynthia and Joan. I think this painting is so quirky and fun. If you didn't live here you wouldn't know that it really looks like that!