Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bainbridge Island Rowing Auction Piece - Titled "AS ONE"

I am working on a new painting for an organization near and dear to my heart.  Bainbridge Island Rowing Club is an organization on Bainbridge Island teaching young adults to row.  My oldest son has been involved in this and it has been a very important part of his life.  This sport teaches so much more than just the technique of teaches how important it is to work in a team as one.  A boat or "shell" as they are called, of eight rowers will not do well if even one of the participants is in it for themselves.  It absolutely has to be a team effort.  The character building and life lessons learned in this sport are like nothing I have seen in a sports setting.  The coaches with this organization are amazing and have given so much of themselves.  So to thank them for all they have done I hope that in doing a painting for their auction called " Dream Big" will help further their efforts financially. 

This is a sneak peak at the unfinished painting called "As One".

I have really enjoyed painting the water in this piece.  It has a lot of depth and reminds me of a beautiful piece of music.  The painting was inspired from a photo taken by a fantastic local photographer named Gary Matoso.  His work is amazing!  

It was a little unlike me to share an unfinished painting but the week ahead is so busy I probably won't get a chance to share again before the auction.  Best of luck to the Dream Big dinner and auction!

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  1. Meagan -- I can't wait to see your painting!...and maybe even bid on it if I'm lucky. What a lovely tribute to the team. I wish you were still there on those cold mornings to mom with....cynthia