Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today I was busy painting again and was looking at things around me that make me smile and I tought I should share them with you...they may make you smile too! 

This is my new 2010 Calendar by the artist Romero Britto.  I really don't know anything about this artist and the work couldn't be more different from the images I paint but...I LOVE THEM!  They really make me smile....

The next thing that I saw that made me smile was my new red reading glasses...cheaters...they are so sassy!

Then I happened to think about my assortment of colored paper know, I don't know why but they always make me smile too.

Then I noticed this and realized he definately NEEDS to smile more...especially since he is on the cover of such a great product.

Guess I needed a little break from painting...hope you had some smiles visiting my blog today.

See ya later!


  1. I guess you forgot to post a picture of "Moi'"???
    Glad you're smiling and I hope you're feeling better!!

  2. Love the red glasses!! I always smile when I see you a Paper Products . . . :) xo liz

  3. Just thinking of you makes me smile, Meg. You must be just adorable in the sassy red specs!! Love you--Merri Jo

  4. wow, you did it Meagan - you got me to smile at paper clips. Who knew? I mean the gorilla, well I always smile at gorillas (even frowning ones). But yes, by the end of your post I was sitting here with an uncontrollable smile!
    And I am loving your springy painting on such a dreary February day!