Saturday, January 9, 2010


(My trusty Prismacolor pencils)
Hi friends,

Yesterday was craft day with my friends Joan and Rosario.  We had a great time together making fun things, enjoying yummy food, conversation and inspiration. 

(Joan made these yummy thumbprint cookies...Thanks Joan!)

One thing that we did together was rubberstamping rocks and then embossing them.  They turned out so great!  If you try it just make sure to not touch the rocks for quite some time...they really hold the heat from the heat gun.

(not sure why this picture keeps rotating in this direction!  But you get the idea.)

 The other thing we did was making these cute little envelopes from this template...Joan recycles old pictures from magazines and scraps of paper she has to make them and they are adorable.  You can see them on her blog here

Joan and Rosario are the queens of green crafting.  They inspire me daily.  Rosario is one of those amazing artists that can just look at something and draw it...perfectly...I'm not kidding!  She is so talented!  Yesterday she was working on these darling place cards for a wine tasting party.  On the front of the card it had the persons name and the back said 2010.

We also made Valentine cards...Joan is so organized, she has files of ideas from magazine articles that she has pulled out and kept all neat and tidy in individual files... each one labeled and organized!

It is so good to do some crafting and letting your brain explore some other things than you are usually doing...I think it helps me to be more creative with my paintings...kind of makes you think out of the box.  Anyway, it was a fun day and I can barely make myself put all the stuff  away...I want to keep crafting!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.


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  1. I had so much fun Meagan! Thank YOU for hosting such a wonderful, fun, inspiring (and relaxing) craft day. I'm so lucky to have you and Rosario as friends.