Monday, August 3, 2009


Happy Monday,

Let's see...5 days and counting...not sure if I'm counting right, including today there is 5 days til Friday which is the first day of the studio tour. I am getting all of the last minute touches ready including sealing seams on my tent. Wouldn't you know that we haven't had rain here in the Pacific Northwest in...gosh...I don't even remember how long, and now they have said there is a chance for rain on Friday! NOT FRIDAY!!! So I'm sealing seams.

I snapped some shots of my cute flag banner I made and the great raspberry crate card holders that Hubby put together for me. It's all coming together so all we need is people. Lots and lots of people with $$$ in their wallets that want to buy art. Wonderful, beautiful art!!! Here's hoping! At my last event (my first event) at Bountiful Home in Edmonds I had a drawing for some of my art cards and the wonderful woman who won them has a great blog and did such a cute post about winning which you can view here. Thanks Deb for the cute post!!! So glad you won.

(This one is a little blurry, but you get the idea.)

Hope you are all enjoying your summer. It's going so fast! I have to savor each day because before you know it I will calling my post "Rain Rain Go AWAY!".

Enjoy the sun!


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  1. Meagan, I am SO thrilled with the cards I won! I'm going to frame them, they are so cute. ;0)

    And I just LOVE those display cases that look like fruit crates - how very appropriate for your art! Great choice. Good luck on your studio tour!