Saturday, August 15, 2009

I WON!!!


I just can't believe it...I actually won! Won what you ask? Well...there is this artist who I adore and have been collecting her work for quite some time and when I discovered the world of blogging I discovered her blog...AND...she just also happens to be from the Pacific Northwest! She had a giveaway on her blog and if you left a comment you would have a chance to win her fabulous new coaster collection. Welll......... I WON! And I received them in the mail today and they are just awesome. The artist I am referring to is Beth Logan and she creates wonderful images of great tourist spots (which I have collected) and has quite a business of licenced artwork. Thank you so much Beth. I will treasure these!

(This is my favorite coaster all though I love them all!)

( These are some of the pictures I have collected from Beth Logan )

Have any of you had the chance to see the movie Julie & Julia? I NEVER go to the movies but Hubby was so great...he knew that this movie was one I really wanted to see and took me out to see it tonight. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Have any of you read the book? I have it on hold from the Library and can't wait till it comes in so I can read it. Tell me if it's any good.
I hope you are all doing well and want to thank you for all the words of encouragement you have sent me congratulating me on a successful Studio Tour. You're all too kind!
Talk to you soon,


  1. wow Meagan thanks for sharing's SO cool for me to see my art happily living in its home! I'm sure you can relate...we always wish that our work finds a good home and I'm so pleased that these things have! Thanks again and enjoy! You've made me smile!

  2. Yea for you, Meg! how fun to see you won some of Beth's work! when I looked at your pics from your home of her's, it made me sad you were not with us in door county this past week. your family was dearly missed (esp by tj :-)). haven't seen the julia movie yet, but read both books (the movie is actually about "my life in france" by julia childs and "julie and julia" by julie powell). the first is delightful, the second, quite disappointing...i did not like julie at all (she is whiny, self absorbed, and has quite a sailor's vocab). i am planning to see the movie though. julia childs and meryl streep will pull me in. talk to you soon! can't wait to hear more about the weekend!!!! love you!