Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hi Bloggers,

Hope you have all been doing well.  This week I made the greatest lanterns from a pattern and clipart that I found guessed it...the Martha Stewart website.  We love you Martha!  Sometimes she (her staff) come up with the cutest projects and this was one of them that I had to make.

After that I was wondering if Martha ever stacks her clean dishes as artistically as I did this morning...

Or if she has ever made this yummy dessert that I found on the cutest blog that my SIL told me about and I just put on my favorites list...

I also was wondering if Martha would approve of some of my fall decorations...

Hard to know what Martha would think but I had fun with it all. 
Take care!



  1. I'm no Martha but I think it's all lovely, Megan!

  2. As usual, you have outdone yourself in every aspect! Only a true artiste could postion her clean dishes in such an eye-pleasing array! i love you sweet sister!! Oh, and save some of that cheesecake!!

  3. Hey Girl, I'm with Holly....SAVE some of the Crunchy Pumpkin Cheesecake Have a wonderful week Todd