Saturday, February 5, 2011

Museum of Glass

(Chihuly Bridge of Glass)

 Today was a very fun day.  We drove to Tacoma to visit the Tacoma Art Museum.  There is a wonderful campus of 3 museums within walking distance from each other.  The Tacoma Art Museum, The Museum of Glass and the Washington State History Museum, which unfortunately is looking like it may no longer be open due to state budget cuts. 

 I have been very inspired by Dale Chihulys' work and enjoyed walking through The Chihuly Bridge of Glass which is a public art installation owned by the City of Tacoma. This overpass is 500-feet-long and features the art of Tacoma native Dale Chihuly.  The overpass links the Museum with downtown Tacoma giving easy access to the other 2 Museums.

As you enter the Bridge of Glass you first see a large wall made of separate compartments, each holding an individual piece of Chihulys' work.

These images are stacked probably 5 high and 20 or more long.  It is really amazing to see the use of color and form in each of the pieces.  Once you pass this portion you enter a covered area with a glass enclosed ceiling where the glass pieces are set on top of...seemingly floating above your head.  The colors are so pure and magnificent.  It's kind of like looking at a page of an "I Spy" book.  The images are each so unique and worth your attention.  You just have to stop and look up...and stay...and stay... and stay.

(Please click on the images to get a closer look.)

I have a group of artists that I meet with once a month and during our last visit we were discussing the importance of shape and color studies.  The colors in the works of Chihuly I think are what are inspiring me so much.  I feel the need to paint just color and see what happens.  It's quite a stretch from the work I usually do but I think it would be a great exercise.  Hope you enjoy the photos from my day at the Museum!
More to come soon.


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