Friday, May 7, 2010


Speedy...isn't that just life these days...speedy, fast, furious.  You know the question we all ask ourselves..."where did the time go?".  That was this week for me.  It started out with my first born turning 16.  Yes...SIXTEEN!!!  How?  When? Where did the time go?  (and look out because his appointment for his drivers test is next week)  Just kidding...he's a good driver...hopefully not too SPEEDY. 

Going along with the SPEEDY theme...Son #2.  He's speedy...  Today I get to go to one of his track meets.  It's so fun to watch these kids run.  He's getting a bit of a reputation for being speedy...

Here he is with his 4 x 400 speedy team.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Nate!
    And please tell me that kid with the sideburns is not in 8th grade!