Tuesday, March 23, 2010


( a bit of sunshine in my kitchen from my SIL Holly)

Have you been lucky enough to have a bit of sunshine resting on your shoulder lately or experience a bit of sunshine that brings a smile to your face?  I have been lucky enough to been touched by the sunshine lately...

Going to a regatta and seeing my sons boat seemingly racing the ferry was definately a bit of sunshine!

Seeing this pooch asleep on the beach during the regatta was a sunny sight...

These two chairs were very sunny...and look at the view they had...

This was a very sunny and wonderful view and it really put a smile on my face...

This was tolo night for my oldest boy and he always puts a bit of sunshine in my life!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos!! I can't believe how much Nate looks like Brad!! ;-) I need some sunshine, friend--I have pneumonia.

  2. I'm loving these sunny shots! The regatta/ferry shot would be cool enough but then the fact that it's your son's boat, how awesome is that!? Love it. Well, love all of them, nice to be able to look at sunshiny pictures like this when it's still so cold outside (enjoying the hail and snowstorms in between the sun-breaks? Happy spring!).
    And your boy is so handsome!
    Thanks for sharing, oh and love your new gallery pages, really nice!

  3. Can't believe I never commented...sorry!!

    We had such a fun day with you that day!!! Lovin' my beach glass!!!

    That sure is a handsome nephew I have!

    Hey, I can't access your latest post. Something new I have to do? Have I been shunned and banned from accessing your life??? Hope not!

    Love you!

    Left you a message at home...how's your dad doing??