Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hello again! 
So here is the 3rd painting in my newest series.  I've titled it "Santa's Visit".  I'm really happy with the colors in this piece.  They turned out so vibrant and playful.  I love the old vintage toy car.  I photographed the car at Seabold Vintage Market this summer and placed it next to a photo I took of my christmas tree.  Once I got it drawn out the painting began.  Hope you enjoy the new piece.  Looking forward to the Holiday Bazaar next Tuesday and Wednesday at the Bainbridge Athletic Club.  I will be selling my new images in sets of 4 cards for $15.00 and mated prints for $20.00.  I have been considering if I want to start up an Etsy shop to sell my cards and prints.  So if you would be interested in purchasing any of my artwork leave a comment so that I can get a feel for the interest out there.  I won't be blogging until after next week but I will be checking in.  Hope you all have a great week.

Thanks for stopping by,



  1. Meg, this one is just as wonderful as the others!! I am transported back to my childhood Christmases! As I have said: yes, yes, YES, I want to be able to buy your prints and cards! PLEASE!! I am coveting Cherie's ;-)
    Hope the weekend goes well!!

  2. You know how I feel about that one, dear sister!! Of course I would buy them!! Hope you have a great show this you!

  3. Meagan...Have a great time at the Holiday Bazaar. Your paintings are awesome! ~Joan

  4. ooh Meagan these images will be perfect on Christmas cards, really nice! You must be getting right into the spirit creating this art too!
    Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving and good luck at the holiday sale - I know you'll do well!